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Responding to Jeffrey Goldberg's Alarmist Rhetoric [Sep. 12th, 2011|10:11 pm]
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While sifting through tonight's Google News, I came upon this headline: "Israel Surrounded as Arab Spring Turns Darker: Jeffrey Goldberg" Mr. Goldberg is a Bloomberg View columnist and a national correspondent for The Atlantic.

Here's the URL for the article:


The article was freshly minted and there were no posted comments. I submitted a post, but it is undergoing "moderation". I'm posting it here, as a hedge against unwarranted censorship at Bloomberg.

Here is the text of my post:

Jeffrey Goldberg's frightening analysis is based upon Ethan Bronner's NYT reports from Jerusalem?

Let's be honest, Ethan Bronner's son joined the IDF, not the US armed forces; the pro-Israel Bronner family bias is an open secret. Bronner's "reports" are little more than official Israeli press releases.

Goldberg's historical account contains numerous relevant omissions; that's not "history", that's the Israeli narrative. Once again, Israel is the innocent victim, not the perpetrator. You gotta hand it to Mr. Goldberg, he knows how to spin a yarn.

Like all these pro-Israel alarmists, Goldberg's diagnosis and prescriptions are premised upon the discredited absolutist notion that what is good for the Jewish state in Palestine is good for the United States of America..and what's bad for Israel is bad for the USA. Ludicrous as these notions may be, millions of Americans accept these Israeli myths as the Gospel truth.

It is time to honestly reevaluate the US-Israel "special relationship"; the unnatural relationship is built upon myth and wishful thinking.
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Responding to a Zionist Advocate [Aug. 24th, 2011|09:40 am]
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I came across this interesting article in the Jerusalem Post:

"A Zionist advocacy timetable for the next five weeks", by GIL TROY, published 08/23/2011.

Here's the online address:


The JPost says this about Professor Troy: The writer is Professor of History at McGill University and a Shalom Hartman Research Fellow in Jerusalem.

The author of Why I Am A Zionist: Israel, Jewish Identity and the Challenges of Today, his next book will be The Big Red Lie: Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Zionism is Racism, and the Fall of the UN.

I like to refute erroneous academics, professional zealots, insufferable intellectuals and pompous pundits whenever possible, so I composed and submitted a brief rebuttal to Dr. Gil Troy's published article. But it appears that my post has been banned.

Earlier in the week, my online comments were posted on the JPost Talkback boards without any "moderation". Then my posted comments started to be deleted, though the reactions to those deleted comments remained. My replies to my critics were then sent to a "moderator" and most were banned.

I believe that I obeyed the JPost's Terms of Service, but my submitted rebuttal to Gil Troy's article was directed to a "moderator" and it never came out the other end. I re-submitted this comment, but it has not appeared onlne. Could it be that honest but unpopular feedback is verboten at the JPost?

It seems that, contrary to popular belief, free speech in Israel is "moderated", and may be banned, if one says too much. The Israelis seem to tolerate, if not demand a controlled media environment. I suppose that can be expected in a nation that is constantly at war with the Arabs of Palestine.

Oddly, The Jerusalem Post allows all sorts of mean-spirited name-calling and ad hominem attacks between online posters, but "politically incorrect" commentary is eschewed.

Here is the text of my banned comment:

Dr. Gil Troy sez; "We should also think about what unites Israel and the US as sister democracies, focusing on the values that Islamists and dictators abhor." (End quote.)

Uh, sorry professor, but the Jewish state in Palestine shares the values of the Old Confederacy, the CSA, not the values of the USA today.

State-sponsored segregation, (Jim Cow in the Southern US), has been illegal in the USA for over fifty years; but state-sponsored segregation in E Jerusalem and the W Bank is alive and well - it is also US sponsored and US defended, though such activity would be illegal in the US.
These newly trumpeted Israeli housing starts, on occupied Arab lands, are for Jews Only; but the US media never refer to them in that manner.

Jews Only housing is supremacist by nature...that's apartheid - like it, or not, that's what it is. Supremacist notions are no longer in style, Doctor Troy.

Zionism, as you explain it here, is faith-based and it is ethnicity-based; but you insist that it's not "race-based". If Jews are a "people", as you claim, isn't that another way of saying that the Jews are a "race"? Deodorizing euphemisms aside, apartheid Zionism still stinks.

Dr. Troy, your rant here is sadly reminiscent of Nazi propaganda directed at the Jews in the 30's; the only substantive difference is that your hate speech is directed against the Arabs of Palestine, not Germany's Jews.

One more thing, you Zionists should remember that Israel's "right to exist" is based upon a single UN General Assembly Resolution; if the UN is not legit, neither is the Jewish state. Perhaps, you, like so many others believe that Israel's "right to exist" is divinely sanctioned. If so, the Jewish state is a Divine Right theocracy, not a "sister democracy". You can't have it both ways, sir.

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Congress Raves Over Netanyahu's Rant [May. 25th, 2011|11:32 am]
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A Google News item caught my attention last night. The item was a news story that appeared in The Washington Times, by Ashish Kumar Sen, published on May 24, 2011.

Here's the Headline: "Congress raves over Israeli prime minister"

Here's the sub-headline: "Netanyahu set to make ‘compromises’"

Here's the URL:


Here's a choice snippet from the Washington Times piece:

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida Republican and chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said Mr. Obama’s views were the “wrong-headed approach.”

“I am glad that there was such a discernible difference between the warm reaction in the joint session of Congress and the chilly reception from the administration,” Ms. Ros-Lehtinen, who was part of the escort committee for Mr. Netanyahu, told The Washington Times.

The Washington Times story ends with this poignant parting shot:

The bonhomie in Congress was briefly marred at one point by an anti-war protester. Lawmakers promptly drowned her out with another standing ovation for the prime minister.

Here is the text of my first post on the Comment Board for that Washington Times story:

My God, Helen Thomas was absolutely right. Christian and Jewish Zionists do control the US Congress. And they certainly control the editorial board of this right-wing rag.

Israel's state-sponsored abortion mills terminate tens of thousands of Israeli pregnancies every year, yet the US Christian "right-to-life" groups say nothing about it. Israel still qualifies for 3 Bn in annual US aid, regardless of their high abortion rate.

Israel enjoys US representation without US taxation, as well as US compensation without US taxation and anyone who complains is an "anti-Semite". That's BS.

The American Founders would be dumbfounded to see the United States act as a vassal state to a Jewish theocracy in Palestine.

A fawning US Congress "raves" over the ideas of a foreign head of state, while characterizing the US president's ideas as "wrong-headed".

AIPAC & JACPAC campaign donations have been exceedingly effective; the US Congress is now controlled by de facto Israeli agents.....Shameful!
{End of post}

I also posted that text on this Nashville City paper Comment Board:


This morning, I added this post to the Comment Board for the Washington Times article:

"500,000 Jewish "settlers" are not leaving their homes; and Netanyahu's vision of a demilitarized, fragmented and IDF-occupied Palestinian state is unrealistic. The 2-state solution is an apartheid solution. Consensual annexation of the OT, with full Israeli citizenship for all the current residents - the 1-state solution - is the only remaining option." {End of post}

There is some bitter irony in the Washington Times piece; the sub-headline and the URL itself are misleading; PM Netanyahu made no "compromises" and he showed no willingness to do so in the future.
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Cashing-in on the Jingo Spirit ? [May. 6th, 2011|02:05 pm]
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Here are the lyrics for a tune that I am composing, about the recent targeted killing of Osama Bin Laden, the notorious founder and charismatic leader of Al Qaeda, the acknowledged and admitted perpetrators of the 9-11 attacks.

I am posting it here, to show my intent to formally copyright the text. It is my belief that livejournal.com will have no claim to any of those copyrights or potential profits.

It is my intent, should this effort bear financial fruit, that a major share of any net profits would go to the 9-11 families.

Yes, this is a bit of traditional American Jingoism mixed with old-fashioned exploitative capitalism, for a good cause, of course.... Enjoy!

I hear this in the key of G Major, in 4/4 time, with a bright tempo. Here are the lyrics:

Title: Payback time… 9-11 Payday

The date won't be soon forgotten;
The day the SEALS snuffed Bin Laden.
It was on the first of May,
When Obama made Osama pay.

No endless legal Appeals,
Simply justice from the Navy SEALS…
No time for a cell-phone “MAYDAY”
It was Payback time… 9-11 Payday.

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead.
“Justice has been done.”, they said.
The Navy SEALS were forced to fire.
His skull looked like a blown-out tire.

May the First, - Twenty Eleven,
Bin Laden’s in Heretic Heaven.
Some call May the first, “May Day”,
I call it, “9-11 Payday”.

Payback time… 9-11 Payday
Payback time… 9-11 Payday
Payback time… 9-11 Payday
Payback time… 9-11 Payday

Words by James E. Knight
All Rights Reserved.
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Defending the concept of "Universalism" and the word itself. [Apr. 30th, 2011|01:39 pm]
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When I read the headline, I had to read the story. The provocative piece was published by the Jerusalem Post on 04/29/2011. Here's the Headline: "Another Tack: Universalism’s toxic saccharine". The piece was written by Sarah Honig.

Here's the link:


Here's a snippet:

"BY UNIVERSALISM’S distorted yardstick, bloodstained Germany can under fortuitous circumstances transform into spotless, progressive New Germany, while Jews (whose life-affirming, justice-affirming and peace-affirming ethos is the antithesis of what Germany generated) can become the New Nazis... If Holocaust Remembrance Day obliges us to anything, it is to see the Holocaust again through Jewish eyes and resist universalism’s toxic saccharine. Otherwise, Hitler will have won. Syrupy sanctimony demonizes our national revival and simultaneously dulls our vigilance in the face of threats from Hitler’s Islamic torchbearers." {End of snippet.}

Here is the text of my post:

"Second attempt to post on this thread... Again, as a member of the Unitarian Universalist,(UU), faith, I resent and reject the author's misuse of the term, "universalism"... Unitarian Universalism, the UU faith, is a legitimate belief with an honorable history... Unitarian Universalism is a theologically diverse religion that encourages people to seek their own spiritual path... We are not a hate group... I'm asking the author to find some other term to describe the ideology of bigotry, hate and horror... Thank you, JPost moderators, for publishing this." {End of post.}

The Jerusalem Post used these key words for the Honig hatchet-job on the word "universalism":

universalism, Holocaust, Adolf Hitler, Europe, Germany, hell.

That's some bad company. I had to speak out in defense of my faith's bona fides.

We shall see if my post makes it past the JPost's ever-vigilant censors, the torchbearers of Zionism.
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The truth about "Caffeinated Thoughts" [Apr. 10th, 2011|10:11 am]
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A Google News item led me to a website called, "caffeinatedthoughts.com". The article is entitled "House Republicans, Mike Huckabee Blink on Budget Showdown, Sarah Palin Says Don’t Retreat", by Shane Vander Hart, published April 9, 2011. Here's the URL:


Here's a choice snippet from the article:

Couldn’t we at least have had the defunding of Planned Parenthood that the House voted for in February? After the corruption found in that organization that they get a single taxpayer dime is unacceptable! It must be defunded and the House had the leverage to do it, and they blinked.

I posted this, as my first comment on their board:

The American, "pro-life", Christian zealots would bring the US federal government to a halt, or even dissolve it, over the abortion issue. They are incensed over it.

These same people never say a word about the fact that Israel is the number one recipient of US foreign aid, yet Israel's state-funded abortion mills terminate tens of thousands of Israeli pregnancies every year. Don't take my word for it, Google: Friends of Efrat Israel, for the grisly facts.

US aid to Israel contravenes the Hyde Amendment, which forbids US aid to nations that use government funds to subsidize abortion services. This double-standard situation is possible because Christian and Jewish Zionists control the US major media, the US Congress and the White House, as Helen Thomas awkwardly reported.
{End of post.}

The comment was posted on their site and remains up; I'm quite surprised by that. My second post, a reply to "Stoneyjack", was posted for a brief time, then deleted by the moderator and the article's author Shane Vander Hart.

Here is what a poster going by the name of "Stoneyjack" posted on this same board:

Once again, a bewildered, frightened, and lonely nation turns its hopeful, adoring eyes to gorgeous, gracious, gifted Gov. Sarah Palin for leadership & inspiration. Boehner, Huckabee, & Bachmann are chickens running scared of the Democrat mutt-pack. Sarah soars high above, gazing down in contempt & disgust. We pray for the eagle to land. {End of post.}

I had to respond. Here is the text of my reply to Stoneyjack:

Stoneyjack, are you stoned, Jack? I suspect that maybe you were being facetious.

Using your bird analogy, Mrs. Palin is no eagle, she is a chickenhawk. She is soaring, as you say, over the ground-pounding GOP chickens, looking for the easiest prey.

"Gifted", you say? Palin doesn't know "fowl" from "foul"; she's a friggin' bird-brain.

Mrs. Palin does shake a nice tail-feather. I'll grant you that.
{End of post.}

My reply to Stoneyjack was up for several minutes, then it was zapped. After they deleted it, I posted this:

I just discovered this site. I left a comment and replied to Stoneyjack' s comment. My reply to Stoneyjack was posted, then deleted. My comment contained no obscenities and was on-topic. It appears that this site is not worth jack...so to speak. {End of post.}

It did not take long, Shane Vander Hart, the author of the article and founder of the site responded with this:

Other than you personally attacked him and made a lewd comment about Governor Palin... neither of which are permitted here. Notice I didn't block you at least, so you are welcome to try again. {End of post.}

I responded to Shane's post with this:

You call that a "personal attack"? You call that a "lewd comment"?

Buddy, you are living in a sanitized fairytale world, surrounded by fawning sycophants..three of your admirers "liked" your censorship justification post, without actually seeing the evidence...strictly on your say so....that's faith-based collectivism. They don't need no steenking evidence....they simply believe.

Incredibly, you did not delete my post about Israel's state-funded abortion mills...I am very surprised by that. Normally born-again Christians of your high caliber are enthralled by the Jewish state concept and are useful idiots for Zionism and automatic apologists for the IDF. Perhaps, there is hope for you, Pastor....it's up to you.

Now that you know the truth - about the state-sponsored Israeli abortion mills and the unreported $3billion/year contravention of the Hyde Amendment - I expect to see you spread the word about this unreported tragedy and international scam. This should be front-page news in the Evangelical blogosphere.

I shall monitor this site, in hopes that my little post has opened some minds.



{End of post.}
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The Only Remaining Option: A United Bi-national State. [Apr. 4th, 2011|08:07 pm]
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I came across an interesting piece in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. The headline reads, "Top defense official: Israel faces isolation 'no less severe than war'", by Barak Ravid, dated April 4, 2011.

Here's the URL for the Haaretz article:


Here's a choice snippet from the article:

Gilad's (Amos Gilad, the chief of Israel's diplomatic-security bureau) remarks were similar to those made by Defense Minister Ehud Barak recently in an address to the National Security Institute in Tel Aviv. Barak warned then that a "diplomatic tsunami" would wash over Israel should the world recognize a Palestinian state according to 1967 borders in September.

The Israelis are scared to death about the prospect that a proposed UN General Assembly Resolution might recognize a Palestinian state along the pre-June 1967 borders. If such a Resolution was passed, about a half-million, militant, uncompromising, Jewish "settlers" would be living in a foreign country... Palestine. This is absolutely unacceptable to the race-conscious, faith-obsessed Zionists. All-out war could possibly ensue.

I doubt if my post will pass through the harsh Haaretz censorship process; so here is the text of my humble comment:

Subject: The Only Remaining Option: A United Bi-national State.

The 2-state solution is beyond moribund; it's dead and the fetal corpse of that aborted plan is stinking up the place. Time to clean up the bloody mess and start from scratch.

Time to face some ugly facts: Contrary to some Arab's wishful thinking, Israel isn't about to pull up stakes and leave. The Palestinians must accept the inevitable and opt for consensual annexation of the WB and E J'lem, with an option for future inclusion of Gaza.

The deal would include full Israeli citizenship for the Arabs in those places, with the USA and the UN bankrolling and coordinating the transition from Jewish theocracy to pluralistic democracy.

If that means the place would be integrated, instead of segregated, then so be it....."All men are created equal"....that's how we solved these kinds of race-based issues in the US....decades ago.

Do Israelis know that American Indians (aboriginal peoples) and the descendants of freed African Negro slaves are now full US citizens? Including these people has strengthened our nation, not ruined it by way impurity of pedigree.

The US and Israel share modern democratic values, so they say; here's a chance to prove it.

Israel should follow the US lead and embrace pluralism and democracy, not race-based theocracy. Time for the squabbling, Semitic half-cousins, the Jews and the Arabs, to kiss and make up.

Herzl's well-intentioned 19th century scheme is now glaringly obsolete and, IMO, it was a fundamentally flawed idea to begin with.

Concentration enables annihilation; dispersal insures survival....Herzl did not recognize that basic law of nature.....his noble efforts were thus doomed from the get go.

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Rabbi Shmuley Boteach's Novel Message of Hate [Mar. 28th, 2011|07:41 pm]
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I came across this interesting opinion piece entitled "No Holds Barred: Can love exist without hate?" by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, dated 03/28/2011.

Here is the URL:


Here are a couple of choice snippets from the JPost article:

EARLY CHRISTIANS like the apostle Paul are said to have rejected the “vengeful” God of the Old Testament. In his place, the church fathers gave us the man Jesus, who they said was synonymous with love. Hate no longer had any place, including the hatred of evil. So whereas the God of Israel says explicitly in Malachi: “I love Jacob but I hate Esau” – presumably because the former represents those who struggle for peace, while the latter has become a symbol for those who “live by the sword.”

Rabbi Boteach claims that "the church fathers gave us the man Jesus"; not that the Heavenly Father sent His only begotten Son. Christians will likely miss or overlook that subtle bit of anti-Christian rhetoric....the rest of the Rabbi's message should be well-received by Christians who read the Jerusalem Post.

There's more, the scholarly Rabbi of hate went on to clarify the message of Christ, Boteach wrote:

Likewise, by advising that we turn the other cheek, I don’t think Jesus meant that if Osama bin Laden blows up New York, we should let him destroy Los Angeles as well.

Of course I had to submit a post... it may never be published on their site, so I'm posting it here.

Here's the text, which is limited to a maximum of 600-characters, with no paragraph breaks:

Hopefully, this comment will clear the JP censorship board... My comments on Rabbi Boteach's sermons seldom get published... One must admit, the Rabbi's message is a novel one - for Christians, that is... Christians do not often hear a sermon about the value of hate, the Divine nature of hate and its intrinsic goodness... This jewel of Judaic wisdom, from a renowned Jewish Rabbi, can now be used by Israel-loving Christians to rationalize and incite all kinds of bigotry and hateful acts.... This pro-hate argument will resonate in the Christian pulpits and on the Christian airwaves. (end of post)
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The Vicious Cycle of Violence Accelerates [Mar. 13th, 2011|09:28 am]
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I came across an interesting Associated Press article posted on NPR's online site. The AP piece is headlined, "Israel Approves Construction Of Settlement Homes" and dated 13 March, 2011.

Here's the link to the AP article as it appears on the NPR site:


The news article begins with these lines: Israel said Sunday it has approved hundreds of settler homes after five members of an Israeli family — including three children — were knifed to death as they slept in a West Bank settlement over the weekend.

The attack and the government's response threatened to drive Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking even further out of reach. Israel, which blames the attack on Palestinian militants, is liable to set aside an emerging peace initiative it had planned to propose, while the planned construction of new settler homes only deepened Palestinian mistrust of Israel.

Of course, I wanted to post a comment, so I joined the NPR online community. New posters are subjected to an initial screening process. I don't know if my first NPR post will pass or fail the censorship process. I submitted the following comment:

I do not condone these killings, this cowardly, sadistic act is unjustifiable and counter-productive.

The Israelis foolishly built fortified, Jews-only, settlement clusters on illegally occupied Arab land. They should expect horrific consequences for their faith-based folly. The Jewish fanatics who live in these apartheid enclaves are Israel's most radical Zionists and the most extreme militant "settlers".

Sadly, this sort of revenge attack is not the first of its kind and probably will not be the last. The Israelis are already cracking Arab skulls as a result of this incident and they are announcing hundreds more "in-your-face", Jews-only, housing starts in the Occupied Territories. The vicious cycle of endless retaliation will continue, at an accelerated pace.

The US media had absolutely no sympathy for the 1,400 Gazans slaughtered by the IDF in Operation Cast Lead, hundreds of them were innocent women and children; but we do see a great deal of sympathy for the practitioners of Jewish apartheid in the Occupied Territories.

I believe that Helen Thomas spoke the truth, Zionists, both Christian and Jewish, do control the US media.

Time to cut the US-Israel umbilicus. Th. Herzl's grand experiment has failed.

Holy Wars Suck.
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US Vetoes UN Resolution Condemning Israeli "Settlements" [Feb. 19th, 2011|06:42 pm]
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I came across another disheartening article in the Jerusalem Post, headlined: "Rice: UN resolution veto not endorsement of settlements", by JPOST.COM STAFF, dated 02/19/2011.

The story is not a surprising one, once again the United States of America, a permanent member-state seated on the UN Security Council, has used its veto power to shield and protect Israel's perceived national interests. The draft resolution was endorsed by some 120 co-sponsor member-states and one that all the other member-states on the 15-member Security Council voted to endorse. The draft resolution had condemned the Israeli "settlements" in East Jerusalem and the West Bank and labeled them "illegal". Apparently, the US calls them, "illegitimate", but not illegal.

Here is the URL for the JPost article:


I submitted the following post and to my surprise, it was published on the Talkback board for that story. Here is the text:

The US could have abstained from voting on this UN Resolution and thereby retained a shred of moral decency and some vestige of independence from Israel.

But no. President Obama proved to be just as subservient to the Israeli government, and to their operatives working under cover in the USA, as his predecessors have been.

De facto Israeli agents, ensconced in the USA, constitute an alphabet soup of powerful pro-Israel lobbies, PAC's, pressure groups and think tanks. When it comes to Middle East policy, Obama takes his orders from AIPAC, COPOMAJO, ZOA, JINSA, JACPAC and the ADL.
{End of post}

Encouraged by the sudden tolerance of the JPost Talkback censors, I submitted this second post on that same JPost Talkback board; it's been a few hours and it has not appeared on their well-policed site; here is the text:

According to reports in the Israeli media, one component of the recently rejected US incentives package, for a 90-day Settlement Freeze, was a 1-year pledge, from the US, to veto any UN Resolution that Israel disliked.

This US veto indicates that such a pledge was not an additional incentive, such actions are already a given.

Israel expects the US to vote and veto as its vassal state, without any time limits on the pledge of fealty.

Obama's "1-year" pledge probably sounded threatening to the Israelis; they expect eternal, unquestioning fealty from the US President and the US Congress.
{End of post}

There's more. Here is a link to a related JPost article by Hilary Leila Krieger:


Here is a snippet from Krieger's piece:

“Moving forward, we must continue to make it clear that peace cannot be imposed; it must be negotiated directly between Israelis and Palestinians,” said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer in a statement released after the vote. “It is high time that the Palestinians return to the negotiating table, rather than skirt the peace process by bringing biased, unproductive resolutions to the United Nations.”

Finally, here is a link to an Aljazeera report on this story, complete with a video of an interview with Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN:


It looks like President Obama is not going to risk his re-election by pursuing the collapsed Peace Process. He is not going to alienate the many friends of Israel.

If the Israelis were looking for an absolutely clear, go-ahead-signal from the US, with respect to expanding existing settlements and initiating new Jewish settlements on Arab lands, this has to be it.

Since these Israeli settlements are state-sponsored affairs, US foreign aid to Israel makes these apartheid Jewish-Only settlements possible....and still, many Americans wonder why so many folks hate our guts.
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